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What is MOOV, and how does it differ from Uber and Lyft?


MOOV is a Twin Cities-based rideshare initiative, created as a response to the threats from Uber and Lyft to exit the region over the Minneapolis minimum pay ordinances. Unlike its competitors, MOOV focuses on fair compensation for drivers and affordable rates for riders, prioritizing social equity over excessive profits.

When can I ride or drive with MOOV?

We are currently in the licensing application process for Minneapolis and St. Paul.  Once we have met all city and state guidelines, we will be open for the community to begin using.  Our apps were published to the Android and iOS apps stores as of May 1st, and we are using the ordinance extension date of July 1 to test some new features in production.  We expect to be licensed and have apps available for public use by mid-May.

How does MOOV ensure fair wages for its drivers in Minneapolis and St. Paul?

MOOV champions fair wages for drivers in Minneapolis and St. Paul by operating with minimal overhead. This allows us to allocate up to 80% of the ride fare directly to our drivers, ensuring they receive a livable income. Our business model is built on the principle of social equity, emphasizing driver compensation over maximizing profits.

What are the benefits of riding with MOOV compared to other rideshare services?

Choosing MOOV supports a locally-founded rideshare that invests back into the Minneapolis and St. Paul communities. We're not just about rides; we're about enriching our local economy, from paying taxes locally to reinvesting our earnings in the community.

How can drivers sign up to drive with MOOV in Minneapolis or St. Paul?

Interested riders and drivers in Minneapolis and St. Paul can easily join MOOV by clicking the 'Sign Up' button on our website. Once our operations are fully licensed, you'll be guided through the app download process, registration, and necessary paperwork, ensuring a smooth start to your MOOV experience.

What safety measures does MOOV implement for both riders and drivers?

MOOV adheres to city and state safety policies, including thorough background checks and implementing an incident management system. Our commitment extends beyond existing standards, aiming to set a new benchmark for rideshare safety.



How does MOOV contribute to the local communities in Minneapolis and St. Paul?

MOOV's higher driver pay means more time and money for drivers to invest in their families and local communities. This approach not only supports drivers' well-being but also boosts the local economy through increased spending and tax contributions.

What are the requirements for a vehicle to be eligible for MOOV?

While innovative is our approach, MOOV respects city and state regulations regarding vehicle eligibility. We will be actively working with regulators to broaden these criteria, ensuring a diverse and high-quality fleet for our riders.

How does MOOV calculate fares, and how does it keep rates affordable?

MOOV fares are calculated based primarily on duration and distance, adhering to legal minimum pay standards while striving to keep rates affordable for riders. Our commitment to fairness extends to our pricing model, balancing affordability with fair driver compensation.

Can MOOV be used for airport rides in Minneapolis and St. Paul?

MOOV will cater to airport travelers, offering convenient and competitive options for rides to and from the airport, enhancing the travel experience for Minneapolis, St. Paul, and other local residents and visitors.

What is the process for reporting issues or complaints with MOOV rides?

Our dedicated issue and complaint resolution process will be accessible via the MOOV app and website, ensuring a prompt and thorough response to any concerns raised by riders or drivers.

Are there any promotions or discounts for first-time MOOV users in Minneapolis or St. Paul?

MOOV is planning exciting promotions and discounts for early users in the Twin Cities. Stay tuned for offers that make trying MOOV even more rewarding.

How can businesses or organizations partner with MOOV for their transportation needs?

Businesses and organizations looking to partner with MOOV for their transportation needs can easily reach out through our 'Contact Us' form. We're eager to discuss how MOOV can support your objectives.

What measures does MOOV take to ensure environmental sustainability?

We acknowledge that ridesharing only goes a portion of the way in decreasing the number of cars on the road and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  MOOV encourages the use of green ways to get around, including public transportation.  To move the needle on this extremely important cause even further, we are working on ways to incentivize the use of green vehicles without negatively impacting our riders and drivers.

How does MOOV's app enhance the user experience for both riders and drivers?

We have some great innovations planned, which we can’t share publicly at this time.  We are excited for our ideas to disrupt this industry and evolve the experience for both riders and drivers.

Does MOOV provide wheelchair accessible rides?

We are currently establishing partnerships with Wheelchair Accessible and NEMT transportation providers to offer this service.

Frequently Asked Questions

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