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Driver Registration

Please enter your information exactly as it appears on your Driver's License

Once our team receives your application, we will reach out with next steps including requesting a background check, and a Vehicle Inspection report as required by local and state laws.

Driver Information (must match ID)

Driver's License Expiration Date
Sex (as listed on your Driver's License)
Select the service classes you wish to drive - all vehicles MUST be either less than 10 years old OR less than 150,000 miles.

Vehicle Information

Vehicle Year


By registering for an account, you affirmatively agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and all other policies applicable to your use of our services. Your agreement includes, but is not limited to, your consent to the procedures outlined in these documents regarding our collection, use, and sharing of your information, as well as your obligations and restrictions concerning the use of our services. We encourage you to review these documents carefully before completing your registration. Your continued use of our services constitutes ongoing acceptance of these terms and any updates made to them.

By submitting this form and providing your phone number and email address, you agree to allow MOOV Enterprises LLC and its representatives to contact you by mail, email, phone, or text message, which may include automated technology for marketing and operational purposes. We do not sell your information to third parties. Should you wish to have your contact information removed, please reach out to us directly at

We are committed to fairness and equality in our approval process for new drivers joining our fleet. Decisions are made based on objective criteria including the condition of the vehicle, the inspection report, criminal and DMV background checks, and other publicly available information. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, age, or any other characteristic protected under applicable law. Our goal is to ensure a safe and reliable experience for all.

Minimum Driver Requirements

· 21 years old with a valid Minnesota or Wisconsin driver's license

· Minimum 3 years of licensed driving experience in the U.S.

· Has a smartphone capable of running the MOOV driver app and a valid bank account to receive pay

· Submits to and passes a criminal and driving record background check

· Has a demonstrated knowledge of the geography and street system of the City of Minneapolis, City of St. Paul and surrounding areas, as well as the location of major attractions within those areas

· Has a demonstrated knowledge of the provisions of this policy relating to the conduct of MOOV endorsed drivers

· Does not have a physical or mental disability that would prevent the Driver from safely operating a vehicle and performing the normal duties of an endorsed MOOV driver

· For any Driver seeking original TNC license endorsement, has successfully completed the TNC driver training course approved by city or state licensing officials

· Has not had a taxicab or commercial driver's license suspended, revoked or non-renewed by a city or state within the five (5) years immediately preceding their application to be a driver.


Vehicle Requirements

· Passes an approved Minneapolis or St. Paul Vehicle inspection at an approved inspection facility

· At the time of annual inspection, vehicle is not more than ten (10) model years of age from the current model year (as measured from June 30 of the calendar year following the model year), or has an odometer reading of less than one hundred fifty thousand (150,000) miles – this standard applies to all service classes including regular, luxury, XL, and luxury XL

· Vehicle has a manufacturer's rated seating capacity of seven (7) persons or less, including the transportation network driver

· Has at least four (4) doors and meets applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for vehicles of its size, type and proposed use

· Is a sedan, or light-duty vehicle, including a minivan, sport utility vehicle, pickup truck, hatchback or convertible at or under 10,000 lbs gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR)

· Follows all current local and state laws for TNC vehicles


Full list of policies and requirements can be found on the MOOV website.

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